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What is in store for Clare Edwards this season? Well as you can see, Eli Goldsworthy is comming back! In the promos Clare is seen on video chat with Eli saying that the hospital called then she is seen on the phone saying "Can you come home please?" It is rumored Eli comes back because Clare has leukimia (excuse my spelling). That would be why Aislinn cut her hair for the show if that wasnt already obvious. 

However, there is some bad news. Im not going to post the pics that prove this because it takes to long but I will give the link to the reliable Kary's Blog. (See Link below) There have been leaks that the degrassi cast has been filiming in a differant location to film a funeral. Is it Cams? Or could it be....Clares? My prediction would be that Cam died a while ago so I would think they already has had his funeral but I really don't think the producers would kill another character on us. Especially Clare. And I dont think you die that quickly from leukimia..... LINK TO FUNERAL FILMING PICTURES: Funeral Pictures: Click HERE

Another interesting spoiler is that not all seniors have left us.... And Im not only talking about Eli. Katie was also seen in the much music promo. Also Luke Bilyk tweeted about filming with Alicia at the funeral scene. You can find that picture under the funeral picture link above.

Another small plot that can be picked up from the promo is that it looks like Adam and Becky will be turning into a love triangle with the addition of Imogen. Becky threatens Adam to stay away from "her" and Imogen is seen hugging Adam on the stairs of Degrassi.

Another thing that should be noted is that the Degrassi Opening Sequence will be different this year, as Stephen Stohn, executive producer of degrassi said. Whatever It Takes will still be the song though.

Will Cam die in 12C? Why does everyone think so?

      Where to start? Cam has had that cutting problem in the showdown? Well that plot hasn't been brought up again has it? Much Music released an article saying that Degrassi will never be the same. In previous interviews it has been said that the first episode of 12c something that has never been done on degrassi/ degrassi TNG. However they said it might have happened a long time ago BEFORE degrassi TNG. The only plot that is completley drastic that hasn't happened since Degrassi Junior High is a sucide suceeded by Claude. Once the suicide plot is confirmed in the head of a Degrassian, they go through the promos and the characters, deciding which one it most likley is. I have went through every character, comparing the scenes, clothing, and pasts of the character. The three characters I narrowed it down to was Adam, Cam, and Owen. Owen and Adam have no relation to the plots but you never know I guess. 
     Once that was done, I went through the promos trying to figure out how the suicide is attempted. It is rumored that Dallas is with another student (not Cam) drinking on the roof of Degrassi. There is another scene where Katie is looking up then quickly turns in Much Music This Is That Moment Promo. Also in the same promo, Eli drops his food and Clare runs into his chest. There is even a scene where Maya looks back and there is a police car that passes by. Then there is a small frame where Dallas is on the roof, crying. In a lot of the other promo's Dallas throws a trash can into a window then yells at Alli that she did nothing. While in the Think You Know Cam promo, Cam is telling a dark haired girl that is most likely Alli that he thought this semester was supposed to be better. Dallas could have yelled at Alli for not helping Cam? When these connections are put together it is rumored that Cam will jump of the roof or commit sucide and Dallas sees from the roof and Eli and Clare see from afar. 
     Cam is only shown in the promos wearing one outfit, meaning they are only showing scenes that Cam is in from one episode. Also in the promos Maya is shown kissing this guy with an afro and olding Zig's hand. I wonder Where Cam is when that is happening.......? Also Maya is holding alchol at the Hawian party and Zig tells her that this isnt her and she says it is the new her. This could be Maya's way of greiving over Cam's death. Another assumption is that it could be an attempt and he could go back to his Kapuskasing (sorry for spelling). 
      In a Degrassi Radio Promo aired all around in Canada the 9th of February, Cam says, "I just wanna go to sleep and never wake up," The radio promo can be found below.
     The sadest and last piece of proof that Cam will die in the first episode is because he is not scene in any of the read through pictures after Bitter Sweet Symphony. Now what do you beilive?

"To help viewers process the impact of the episode, MuchMusic has commissioned the new half-hour special,MUCHTALKS: DEGRASSI, to air immediately following Part Two at 9:30 p.m. ET. Featuring members of the DEGRASSI cast and a panel of experts, theMUCHTALKS special offers a platform for viewers engage in a discussion about the events that transpire in the episodes. " 

Luke, Christine, and Eli talk about the plot thatg has never been done before.

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Alex says that the plot is "Shocking and devastating,"                  (Skip to 1:05) >>>


"In Bitter Sweet Symphony, Parts One and Two, it’s a new semester, but Cam’s hesitant about coming back to Degrassi after an amazing week at home. Dallas wants a date with a reluctant Alli and makes it his mission to win her over. A major turn of events for Eli brings back things past. " (Much Music)

Scenes that will be in Tonight, Tonight.
Beck and Adam at 0.02
Eli and Clare at 0.03
Eli and Clare at 0.21
Becky and Adam at 0.34
Cam and Maya at 0.41
Becky and Adam at 0.41
Tori, Zig, and Maya at 0.44
Eli and Clare at 0.44
Adam at 0.44